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Not all Leads are created equal…

Let’s face it….everyone knows someone who can build a website. Maybe you know someone who can build your business a website that is attractive and visually appealing. But hey… this is not in a beauty contest so if your business is dependent on leads generated online then all websites are not created equal.

Tech Moguls is committed to creating websites and designs that generate online leads for your business. It is vital to the success of your business that you partner with a web development company like Tech Moguls that understands the elements of successfully creating and generating leads from websites and landing pages. We have a proven recipe that helps our clients more efficiently convert their online traffic to leads. As a matter of fact we are so sure of the strategy we will print the recipe here for everyone to use.

Recipe for successful online lead generation:

1. Step one is to connect the dots for the prospect. The prospect needs to know they are in the right place and that you have the solution they are looking for.
2. Step two is to design a great lead generation form. This is done by not making the user click another page to get to a lead generation form. Put the form right up front and make it obvious what they will get when they submit the form. Simply customize the “Submit” button to say what their action is. Also you should variant test a landing page design with arrow pointing to the “Submit” button.
3. Step three is to offer a reward or incentive. The prospect will be more likely to trade their contact info in return for a valuable resource.
4. Step four is to make it easy to contact you. This means you shouldn’t hide your phone number. Every prospect phone call whether good or bad, quality leads or not represents an opportunity to tweak your lead generation campaign.

Now that we have given you have all the ingredients of building a successful online lead generation landing page you should know that there are special ways to combine the ingredients. Why else would two people make the follow the same recipe but have such a difference in the end result. There is a technical skill set and knowhow that comes from experience in practicing this formula.
If you want to grow your businesses online leads contact Tech Moguls now!.