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Tech Moguls believes that effective use of web analytics is critical to improving the measurable results of any online initiative. You must understand where your traffic comes from, where they go and most importantly the return on investment / ROI or you could be wasting your money. Well at Tech Moguls we treat your money as if it is ours and we simply don’t like to spend our money on things of little or no value.

The analytics headache lies in understanding and interpreting the data not to mention integrating the data to optimize website or campaign performance. Many companies don’t have the dedicated resources to analyze or interpret the data. When building a custom website or web development project for our clients we properly integrate and implement web analytics and tracking codes so that we can assist our clients in determining which factors make the greatest impact on conversion and ROI.

There are many good analytics tools on the market however; we find that most clients’ needs are met with a free source like Google Analytics. The problem for most businesses is not the analytics software and they generally don’t have a need for more comprehensive data. What most businesses need is to be more knowledgeable about how to analyze the data they currently have available and how to put that to work for their business.

Remember it’s not just about the data that you get from web analytics…it’s about having the right data as well as the knowledge and expertise of turning that data into more customers and a better ROI!
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